X Japan Live 28.03.08 HDTV ( x – japan )


This was the first night of the recent X Japan Lives, in very nice high quality (1024×576).

The links wont be going dead fast and thanks to sharebee all links are mirrored onto rapidshare, megaupload, zshare and bandongo ^_^

Esta es la primera noche del reciente X Japan Lives , en una muy buena y alta calidad (1024×576)

Los links no se van a morir rapido ya que estan en sharebee asi que todos aparecen para bajar en rapidshare,megaupload,zshare y badongo.

01 http://www.sharebee.com/e6496140
02 http://www.sharebee.com/f6e82919
03 http://www.sharebee.com/331bb82e
04 http://www.sharebee.com/7e913459
05 http://www.sharebee.com/b9afb284
06 http://www.sharebee.com/1c860479
07 http://www.sharebee.com/ca9c84af
08 http://www.sharebee.com/d383b01d
09 http://www.sharebee.com/e8d24574
10 http://www.sharebee.com/01f15633
11 http://www.sharebee.com/1208802a
12 http://www.sharebee.com/575bcbcb
13 http://www.sharebee.com/30e31ea8
14 http://www.sharebee.com/9b28f838
15 http://www.sharebee.com/d7a3f8cc
16 http://www.sharebee.com/431f96e1
17 http://www.sharebee.com/0449214c
18 http://www.sharebee.com/54265fc5
19 http://www.sharebee.com/70ec09aa
20 http:/www.sharebee.com/c49216f9
21 http://www.sharebee.com/0fcd7d8a
22 http://www.sharebee.com/34d451a1
23 http://www.sharebee.com/cffd856f
24 http://www.sharebee.com/815060fe
25 http://www.sharebee.com/50977deb
26 http://www.sharebee.com/195d3de7
27 http://www.sharebee.com/eb01d736
28 http://www.sharebee.com/0d4ad8c1
29 http://www.sharebee.com/1708d079
30 http://www.sharebee.com/6946ed2d
31 http://www.sharebee.com/e8f786b2
password: balistic

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